Chile, the thin country to the west of the Andes on the Pacific coast of South America, is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination. Accessing the country is now easier than ever but a good trip still requires plenty of planning in advance. In this article, we will run you through five things you probably hadn’t thought to consider before your trip that will make things far easier for you.

  1. It takes a while to get into Chile

If you’re arriving at Santiago Airport, be prepared to wait in long queues. This is because the vast majority of flights from Europe and North America arrive first thing in the morning, leading to long queues at immigration. Be prepared to wait. A new terminal is due to open in 2020, which should speed things up.

  1. Book transport in advance

Buses are the best way between cities in Chile and on public holidays and at other popular times, such as during eclipses, they fill up quickly. Be sure to book them in advance to get a seat.

  1. Forget what you know about Chilean wine

Abroad, Chilean wine has a reputation for being of fairly average quality. However, this masks the fact that the Chileans keep the best wine for themselves. Very good bottles sell for the equivalent of $15 or so in the country’s supermarkets.

Photo by daniel caceres from FreeImages
  1. Things will take longer than you think

Try to avoid packing too much into your trip to Chile, otherwise, you’ll end up rushing around without time to relax and enjoy what you really came for. Take things at a leisurely pace.

  1. Practice a bit of Spanish

The levels of spoken English in Chile are fairly poor. Even if you’re familiar with European or Mexican Spanish, you may find the form spoken in Chile difficult. Try to learn a few specific Chilean Spanish phrases before you go – it will make things far easier when you’re there!

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