I’m finding myself in the oh-so-not-ideal situation of having to fly halfway around the globe in a few days, and even though I love flying, the nonstop long haul flight is far from my (or anyone else’s) idea of fun. I’ve desperately tried every trick for curing jetlag in the book. Here’s what helps — and what doesn’t.


The Best Option for Curing Jetlag: Natural Light

You’ll see me at six in the morning, drinking in the early morning rays, be it in the largely silent streets, my backyard, or someone else’s (don’t ask me how I got there!) Natural light is a great circadian rhythm regulator, signalling the body to either wake up or power down. I don’t wear sunscreen, but you should.

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Drink (Water, not Alcohol)

Sufficient hydration is essential to the brain. Not drinking enough water impacts everything from your mood to your memory. Pure water is best; after all, juices are nothing more than flavoured sugar. And make sure that you drink safely i.e. check to see if the tap water is safe to drink before you drink it, because I’ve given myself stomach flu so many times that way, and trust me, it is not fun.

Don’t Over Stuff on Airplane Food

Because blech! Sitting in a cramped seat for several hours is not conducive to comfort, or digestive serenity. I’ll personally have the tiny salad first, and then some of the hot food. The dinner roll and dessert will be treated as snacks. But it’s all or nothing, because I hate food waste.


Compression Socks

Consider investing in a pair to avoid foot swelling that makes it uncomfortable to drift off on the flight. For bonus points, try to keep your feet level with your torso. I’ll pull up my legs so I’m in cannonball position, while rotating my ankles, to send that pooled blood back up my body.

Want more flight tips?

Ultimately, there’s no way to completely avoid jetlag (well there is, but it involves just staying home). Have you tried any of these tips? Let us know in the comments below what your tips for curing jetlag are!

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  1. Your tips are great 🙂 My personal tip: I’ve found that aside from light, our bodies also use food to set our internal clocks– so not eating for 12 hours before when I want my new morning to be and then eating a large healthy breakfast really really helps me to get over jetlag faster and reset.

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