The following are a couple of tips to help you choose a tour. Go Irish Tours is also a great place to start which will help you choose a tour in Ireland.

  1. You do not have to visit all the “must see” sites

The brochures can be very enticing full of colorful images of nice places to see while in Ireland, but you do not have to visit them all. First of all, if on a tight budget and a time constraint, visiting all these sites may be possible, but you will not have the full experience of exploring them and therefore will not enjoy your time to the maximum. Instead of traveling all around the country to see each and every place, it is a much better idea to choose one or two destinations which you will spend the most time in and get the full experience of visiting them.

  1. Make a good choice for transportation

You may have to do a lot of moving around on your trip in Ireland. Having a reliable form of transport will ensure a stress-free trip around the country. If you want to drive yourself while in the country, consider contacting a travel agent to book a car for you instead of doing it yourself online. This is because, in Ireland, car rental may be a bit rocky, with prices fluctuating without notice and lots of hidden costs, making the entire process cumbersome and expensive. Having a travel agent do the booking on your behalf reduces some of the uncertainty. If you are not a driver or you have insecurities about driving in a new environment, you can also hire a local driver to take you around, or even book yourself on the tour bus. A coach with tourists on board will give its passengers first priority on all their travel needs.

  1. Research extensively on your destination and your itinerary

Having adequate information about your accommodation, meals, travel routes and times will help you be prepared and calm when you eventually visit your destination. Doing adequate research will help you avoid any frustration that may arise from unexpected add-on fees, lackluster accommodation or even sub-par meals. It is safe to check with a travel agent to help with any deals that may save you a huge deal.

  1. Have a stable communication system

As you plan to travel to Ireland, you may consider acquiring a cheap cellphone for your use while you are on tour. Using your phone in a new country may result in expensive phone bills while acquiring a cheap phone will enable you to communicate and pay as you go. For online communication, consider asking for Wi-Fi connectivity in your hotel room or wherever you are being accommodated, as well as on the go to avoid expensive data packages.

  1. Think of what appeals to you before making the trip

Instead of relying on tour guides to dictate what you may want to see on your tour, identify a few sites that you are fascinated by and pick a region to visit. If you love mountains, cliffs, and hiking, consider visiting the North, while if you are a fishing fiend or you love the sea, consider visiting Galway and Ballina. Choosing a destination on your interests will make your trip more enjoyable.

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