We’re going to let you in on a secret in this post (well, actually several!) So get ready, hold onto your hats, and prepare to fly better than ever!

1. It’s not just in your head, airlines really are messing with you.

Airlines really do mess with you when you're booking online!
Airlines really do mess with you when you’re booking!

You’re looking for a flight online but the prices just keep on going up and up. It’s not your brain playing tricks on you, it’s the airlines. When you visit a booking site, it’ll likely install a cookie on your computer that tracks your information. If you search for the same flight route/hotel booking/etc. multiple times, the prices will keep going up each time. Though booking sites don’t use cookies exclusively to hike up their prices, clearing your cookies will help somewhat in keeping the prices low.

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2. Pretending that you’re alone really works.

If you're not really alone, just pretend!
If you’re not really alone, pretend you are!

When filling seats on a flight, airlines run the risk of leaving a bunch of single seats unfilled. If you’re travelling as a family, it’s always worth looking at booking each person individually to get a cheaper fare. Plus, many websites offer a 24 hour refund period.

3. Watch the flight for 24 hours after booking.

If you do book from a website that offers a 24 hour refund period, make sure to keep an eye on the flight. If the price drops, call the company to cancel your ticket and re-book for the cheaper fare.

4. Trains are the way to go.

Say yes to trains.
Say yes to trains!

Okay, maybe not always true, particularly in North America, but in other places like Asia and Europe, the railway works much better than flying. No long lines at check-in, security, or baggage claim is always a plus, the scenery is always beautiful, and over short distances, a train takes less time than a plane.

5. Regional airlines aren’t quite as safe as larger carriers.

Airplane boarding at gate
Know the difference between regional and national carriers?

But sometimes, you may not have a choice. If you’ve taken a flight on a major carrier, chances are, you’ve been on a regional carrier that the major carrier outsourced its passengers to. The name printed on the plane might be the same, but the airline really isn’t. And the flight crews aren’t required to be as well trained or qualified as those on larger carriers.

6. Say yes to carbs, but no to alcohol.

Dinner of potato slices, salad, nachos, sandwiches, and drinks
Carbs are great, alcohol, not so much!

The research is still out on whether carbs really help jet lag, but I do know one thing: filling up on carbs leaves me stuffed and sleepy. On that same train of thought, avoid alcohol, as it decreases the quality of your sleep, and contributes to dehydration, which is something that you should always avoid in an environment as dehydrating as an airplane.

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7. Hit the airport early.

Passengers walking past an airport gate
Arrive early for your flight, but also make sure that your flight is early in the day!

Crucial if you want to avoid long delays. Delays accumulate throughout the day, which means that the backlog from the morning will carry over to the afternoon, making your journey through the airport progressively slower. From my own personal experience, this tip is completely true.

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  1. This was a very useful and interesting read! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Lisa | http://www.fromdreamtoplan.net/

  2. A little something to add: If you’re prone to airsickness or generally not fond of turbulence, morning flights and sitting directly over the wing is best. As the air and ground heat up in the afternoon, the chance of thunderstorms increases significantly. And the plane is like a lever about the wing, so the very front and back move the most!

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