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Overall: 6.8/10 Good
A nice way to start your day on a slow Sunday morning. Attractive and fun, if not a bit pricey.
Location: 7/10
Eggspectation is located in the middle of it all, behind Old City Hall and beside City Hall, along Queen Street, close to the Eaton Centre. The view is nice but the major drawback is that the restaurant is a bit harder to find because it’s located along a back street.
Service: 8/10
The servers moved fast, even though it was a busy day. Food came out a bit slower, but that was the only part of the restaurant that was not at top speed.
Food: 6/10
There is a wide selection of food on the menu. Eggspectation is known for its egg dishes but otherwise, its food is quite average.
Interior: 8/10
The dining room is clean, well-lit, and cheery. It’s a nice place to sit for an hour in the morning and absorb the day.
Price: 5/10
Food is a bit pricey but they give very large servings. Take comfort in the fact that you’re also paying to sit there, people-watch, and relax for a while.

Happy travelling!


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