It’s hard to see all of Brussels in a few days, so you definitely should not be stopping at this tourist attraction. Here are 4 reasons you should skip the Atomium entirely and spend your time elsewhere.

  1. Though the tickets aren’t expensive, there’s not a whole lot inside the Atomium that’s worth seeing. The structure was originally designed for the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels, but since then, has housed some frankly underwhelming permanent and temporary exhibits within the spheres.
  2. The wait times are insane. When you first get to the Atomium, you line up to get a ticket. Then, you make your way outside and stand in a snaking line that extends out of the main building and curves around the foundations. Once you’re in, you line up again to wait for the elevator to bring you up. Then, you line up again to go down. Of the time spent in the building, at least an hour and a half per person is spent waiting in line.
  3. The elevator is prone to problems. If, or should I say, when the elevator gets stuck, you will wait an hour in stifling heat as attendants bar people from using the emergency stairway to descend.
  4. There are so many better places to spend your limited time and money in Brussels than at the Atomium, including a mini-Europe theme park just down the road.

Atomium in Brussels

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The outside of the Atomium is definitely much more impressive than the inside, so optimal viewing opportunities abound. But save your time and cash, because going up the Atomium is really not worth it.

Happy travelling!

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  1. Interesting! I haven’t actually been there, I opted to go chocolate shopping haha.

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