We all know what it’s like to spend hours scrolling through websites in search of the cheapest flight. And we all want to save money on our plane tickets in order to keep those extra few pennies in our pockets for when we arrive at our destination.

But what are the secrets to finding and then booking a flight the frugal way? Here are five top tips.

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1. Be flexible

There have never been more airports, more airlines and more websites waiting to help you find the best cheap flights. The way we book air travel has also changed, with 87% of travellers from India booking their entire trip through their smartphone. But how can you use all of that to your advantage? Well, one way is to be as flexible as you can with your travel dates. Sometimes simply shifting your dates a day or two can have a drastic impact on the price.

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2. Use comparison websites

Comparison websites can do a lot of the leg work for you. Not all airlines are on them, and this is worth remembering, but tap in your dates and your destination to see what the comparison website finds for you. As we have already mentioned, experiment with the dates and see what impact that has. It is also worth considering different routes to your final destination as that can impact the cost of your flight.

3. Consider alternative airports

The major airports in every city tend to be more expensive to fly into than the alternatives. So, if you are flying into Los Angeles, rather than looking for fares into LAX, why not try Long Beach or Burbank? The same goes for London. Heathrow is likely to be the most expensive for airlines (and therefore the passenger) to fly to, but Luton, Stansted and Gatwick may all be cheaper depending on when you fly and where you are flying from.

4. Travel over a Saturday

If you are going for a few days or less than a week, do your best to ensure you are away over a Saturday night. If your outbound and inbound flights span a weekend, you will see a huge difference in your airfare. Flights during the week tend to be dominated by business travellers and the flights are more expensive as a result. So, if you leave on a Monday and return on a Friday, your flight could be almost twice as much as if you were to leave on a Thursday and return on a Tuesday. Worth keeping in mind!

5. Sign up for frequent flier schemes

Frequent flier programmes can be a great way to collect air miles which you can then use to pay for all (or part of) your flight. Websites such as The Points Guy will help you understand how to do it and which programmes are the best to get involved with. It is certainly worth looking into because it could save you big money on flights.

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