If you are a fan of beers, then you ought to visit the breweries around Austin, Texas. Austin is not just famous for its country, blues, rock music, and its Formula One’s Circuit of the Americas race track, it’s also famous for its beers and breweries.

If you are planning to take some Austin brewery tours, then read this post to learn more about constructing your best beer tasting experience. Below are the top 4 Austin breweries that you should definitely visit this year.

Austin Texas Skyline as viewed from the road

The Jester King Brewery

From the name itself, the Jester King Brewery will surely deliver a funky drinking experience. Utilizing the local wild yeast and native bacteria into their beers, the Jester King Brewery is located in Texas Hill Country and has made their concept from their surroundings and environment; their packaging, decoration, and products all scream Texas Hill Country. Visit the place and enjoy the funky drinking experience awaiting you.

Austin Beerworks

Arguably the most famous and fastest growing brewery in the city, Austin Beerworks has a great deal of pride and confidence in their products and services. Their 99 pack, containing 1188 ounces of beer, is a claim to fame, though don’t try to drink it all in a single night unless you’re a camel!

The company started back in 2011 with just 4 staple beers; Fire Eagle, Black Thunder, Peacemaker, and Pearl Snap. Today, the bar has become the home of hippies and locals looking for a nice variety of drinks. From their original 4 best-sellers, they have evolved to become one of the most well-received breweries in the region. Each new beer they release has been well-received by both locals and visitors.

Live Oak Brewing Company

Live Oak has been around serving locals and tourists alike for 20 years already. If you like lagers and ales, then you will surely find comfort in this brewery. Located across the highway from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Del Valle, Live Oak, and beside the Colorado River, this brewery has enough outdoor space for you and all of your friends to chat and have a good time. The ambiance is also very relaxing for couples and families who just want a low key evening.

A row of glass beer bottles

Independence Brewing Company

Last but not least in our list of must-visit Austin breweries is the Independence Brewing Company located in the Southeast part of the City. Boasting a worldwide World Beer Cup gold award for their Power & Light Pale, this brewery should definitely be on your list. Experience the taste of world renowned beer and other high-quality products. Tours are available, and taprooms open at 4 to 10 pm during Thursdays and Fridays, and from 1 to 10 pm on Saturdays.

Did we miss any of your favorite breweries in Austin? Let us know where they are in the comments below!

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