17 Hottest Destinations of 2017: South Korea

Traditional Rural Housing in South Korea

Similar to Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Korea has, until recently, been in the touristic and economic shadow of its neighbor. Who’s that neighbor, you ask? North Korea. Just kidding, it’s Japan! There’s more to South Korea than meets the eye. Because the country has such strong ties with work-life imbalance, barbecue, and whatnot, it’s easy to overlook all the rest of it. However, culture, cuisine, history, architecture, and cosmopolitan living all contribute to what makes South Korea so… well South Korean. In conclusion, this country is one of our 17 hottest destinations of 2017 because of how much substance there is under the surface.

Great for: food, ancient architecture, Kim Jong Un (just kidding!)

17 Hottest Destinations of 2017: Chile

Glaciers and Mountains in Patagonia Chile

Chile’s recently been gaining steam for being one of the safest countries in South America. Known as a land of polar opposites for its glaciers, deserts, rolling wine country, lakes, need I go on? From the metropolitan capital, Santiago, you can see the Andes mountain range that separates Chile from neighboring Argentina. Some choose to hike in Patagonia, others prefer stargazing in the driest desert in the world. There are water sports to be done in the lakes, such as kayaking and surfing. For the super adventurous, why not take a trip to Easter Island, a Chilean territory?

Great for: natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, cultural heritage

17 Hottest Destinations of 2017: Cape Town, South Africa

Aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa

Africa is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Cape Town, in particular, is on the rise because of its beautiful architecture, nearby wildlife sighting spots, and rich history. In recent years, the city has become significantly safer to tour, and the arts scene has been thriving. The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art, and a luxury hotel above the structure, are slated to open this year, attracting even more international attention. But locals and tourists alike are still savoring the more traditional offerings of the region, namely, fine wines.

Great for: wildlife spotting, fine wines, the arts scene

17 Hottest Destinations of 2017: French Polynesia

Over-Water Bungalows in Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

The French Polynesia, a famous pristine romantic locale for honeymooners. Also, notoriously expensive. However, in recent years, more and more people are treating the islands as something more than just a romantic getaway. Instead of just sticking to Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora, why not take an adventure on an off-the-beaten-track one, such as Rangiroa? Try out black sand beaches instead of pristine white ones, hike to see the natural lush beauty of the islands, or have a go at adventure sports. This destination is one of our 17 hottest destinations of 2017 because of the makeover it has underwent, from romantic haunt to adventure locale.

Great for: romantic getaways, adventure sports, pristine and unspoiled nature

17 Hottest Destinations of 2017: Madagascar

A cute lemur family in Madagascar

Home to thousands of native flora and fauna species, Madagascar is fast becoming one of the world’s premier safari spots. As climate change creeps up on the region, travels to the country become more and more urgent, as much of its wildlife runs the risk of extinction. However, don’t feel too bad, as the country is making efforts to focus its attentions on eco-tourism and boosting its economy, so you can rest easy, walking among the baobabs or relaxing alone on the beach.

Great for: stunning ecological diversity, ecotourism

17 Hottest Destinations of 2017: New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand’s ecology frankly seems a stark contrast to its geographic location. One would expect deserts, outback, and some sparse shrubbery (at least I did), but in fact, the nation is just teeming with lush landscapes. If you’re a hardcore Lord of the Rings fan, New Zealand is your paradise. But even if you aren’t, there’s something here for everyone. Christchurch, the self-proclaimed “funky city”, has sprung back after an earthquake in 2011. However, if urban is less your style, birds and marine life can provide welcome distraction. Not to mention the beautiful lakes and mountains of the region.

Great for: stunning natural landscapes, wildlife sightings

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  2. Lots of amazing places. Mostar is definitely a good one. I went there last year and loved it!

  3. This is a wonderful list, with some incredible images. My fabourite from your list is Chile, or the border of Chile and Argentina as you mentioned. I remember visiting Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina and Torres Del Paine in Chile, still to this day they are 2 of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life.

  4. I went to Mostar a couple of years ago and I loved it, the food and the people were both great. South Korean and Chile are definitely on my ever growing bucket list and your post, has made it even bigger now 🙂

  5. Ooh some great places on this list ! French Polynesia and Madagascar would be absolute dream destinations for me, and I’m actually in the process of hunting down some cheap flights to Bosnia & Herzegovina !

  6. Madagascar is so far up our list. Lemurs along with the crazy native plants and animals. Me me want to get movin movin. Great list.

  7. Oh my word I want to go to ALL of them!
    I tried to squeeze Madagascar into my Africa trip last year, but the budget just wouldn’t allow for it after 6 weeks on the mainland. Flights out there are sooo expensive!
    But I will get there one day – I promise!

  8. I would love to visit all of them! So happy that Ho Chi Minh is on the list (I’m from Ho Chi Minh)! It’s so true that locals prefer the old name, Saigon 🙂 Will visit Norway soon this year!

  9. Great destinations! Been to a few myself And would love to go to many more 🙂
    Funny though that you mentioned places in Canada where basically no one goes (the territories and Newfoundland) haha! Montreal is always a hit though, being the only city of its kind in the Americas (French-speaking and pretty cosmopolitan).
    I would also replace Switzerland with Slovenia, which I found more interesting, just as beautiful and way more porte-monnaie friendly!

    • I’ve never thought about Slovenia – I guess it’s personal bias because I just adore Switzerland! And yeah, basically nobody visits outside of the big cities and maybe Banff, but I wish more people would because it’s just so gorgeous

  10. I want to go everywhere on this list. I don’t now if it’s considered trendy but a lot more people are visiting Bhutan, which is much quieter than Nepal (although much more expensive).

  11. Awesome list! Glad to see one of it is from my motherland, India! On top of my wishlist, in this list, is Mexico! I’ve been a fan since long of Mayan culture & architecture ever since I studied about it in my Uni days!

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