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German Language Guide for Travelers + Free Download!

November 1, 2016

English is a Germanic language, but that doesn’t mean that German is intuitive at all for English speakers. Because English also draws heavily on many other languages, especially romance languages such as French, German vocabulary looks almost unrecognizable to any English speaker!

German is spoken mainly in Central Europe, in the countries of Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. It’s one of the most widely spoken languages in the European Union and in the world, so as you can see, it’s pretty useful to know German!


If you come across these letters in German, pronounce them this way:

ä as in let

äu or eu as in toy

ei as in fine

ie as in green

ö as in worm (without the r sound afterwards)

sch as in shop

sp as in spiel

st as in sht

ü as in tea (while rounding the lower lip

z as in mats (ts sound)

ß as in moss (double s sound)


Or, if you prefer it in PDF form for printing, click here.

Until next time, happy travels!

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