9Need inspiration for your next journey across the globe? We know you’re sure to be inspired from these awesome travel Instagrammers! Check them out!

Chelsea Live Wanderfully


Well, that’s us (@chelsealivewanderfully)! We know you’ll love this account because we’ve spent tons of time creating, cultivating, and curating our feed, to bring you the best of the world through our eyes. We’ve been travelling for 7 years now, have hit thousands of beautiful destinations, and are passionate about sharing this knowledge with you!

The Wanderlist Blog


We love the way that Alyssa (@thewanderlistblog) plays with the composition of her photos, juxtaposing the wildly colourful on the ground with the intense blue of the sky. Also, just take a moment and look at those clouds!

Girl Out Of Bounds


We just adore how bright, vivid, and optimistic these photos are, plus, the captions are just right in a not-too-dense, not-too-sparse way.

She Tells Travel Tales


What we love best about this feed is the photos. Well, we should be more specific, since photos were kind of the whole point of this post. These photos are so compelling because they don’t really even look like photos anymore, they look like paintings. BONUS: Tons of epic sunsets!

Sasha Stories


Pizza, crystal blue water, and tropical destinations? What’s not to like? (read: WE’RE FOAMING AT THE MOUTHS PLEASE TAKE US WITH YOU)

Cava For Lunch


Christina (@cavaforlunch) takes great photos of landscapes and foods, but what we love most about her feed is the architectural shots, from the interior of Versailles to the streets of Bucharest.

The Nomadic Traveller


Sharon mostly takes photos of gorgeous jaw-dropping drool-worthy landscapes. We really like her shots because of how cohesive and sleek they look both as standalones and together on the feed.

I Am Aileen


The sky features prominently in many of Aileen’s photos, and the only question my mind can come up with now is how can the sky be so many shades of gorgeous blue? Our favourite part about these photos is that they taken from a different perspective than most travel photos.

Becky Van Dijk


Becky’s photos, without fail, give us the impression of deep aloneness (is that a word? WordPress doesn’t think so), but also, without fail, give us the impression that she’s having the time of her life, even if she is the only one within the frame.

*I just wanted to preface (postface? Since you’re already at the end? Pun not intended) this post because I noticed that these screenshots show that I’ve followed some accounts but not others. Don’t worry, I am following every single one of them, but I just wanted to address it because I thought some of you, like me, might be bothered by the non-uniformity of these images.

Do you have any recommendations for Instagrammers we should check out? Leave their handles in the comments below so that we too can be inspired! Make sure to subscribe to our email list and like our Instagram and Facebook accounts, we put up new videos every Wednesday/Thursday (jk no we don’t, but did anybody catch the Jenna Marbles reference there?) Stay awesome, friends!


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  1. Thanks for the feature Chelsea! Great to be part of such an awesome list of girls!

  2. Thank you Chelsea! I am honoured to be amongst a great list of girls 🙂

  3. This a fantastic list, Chelsea! I already follow a few of these IG accounts, but always love supporting fellow Travellers and travel bloggers. I think you’ll enjoy my IG feed as well – I focus on my favourite things in life – travel, food and nature. Check it out. 😃@belovedatmosphere

  4. Some fabulous recommendations here, I already love We Are Travel Girls but don’t know the others. I hope you like my Instagram account too @luxurycolumnist

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  6. These are some great suggestions of Instagramers to follow. I still need to get my Instagram game up, I am stuck at 260 followers for ages. It seems that most of people follow and then unfollow you after 2-3 days.

  7. I followed them all on instagram for travel inspirations!

  8. Thanks Chelsea 🙂 I follow most of them but I just added a couple.

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