2 months ago, a coordinated bombing attack occurred in Brussels. In the aftermath, controversy surrounding Belgium and its security issues began to swirl. Some travellers I know have put off their trips to Belgium because of their fears for their safety and security. However, my opinion is different. Read on to find out why I will still continue to visit Belgium!

#1 Gorgeous architecture


Europe is ubiquitous for gorgeous buildings everywhere, but in Belgium, there’s an even better reason: not only are the buildings gorgeous, their architectural styles vary from town to town so you will never be bored.

#2 Waffle trucks

To be honest, I think this might be my favourite part about Belgium. Their waffles can be a little bit pricey, but they’re all over the place, and really, who doesn’t enjoy waffles day in, day out?

#3 A flower carpet


Every other year, a flower carpet blankets the Grand Place in Brussels. There are some things in life that are just so majestic that you can’t really imagine it unless you see it in person. This is one of them. I have never seen so many flowers in my life, grouped together at one time. Never, except for in Brussels.

#4 The most beautiful public transit system

So the Belgians get a kickass railway, bus, and metro system, as well as a fancy flower carpet? No fair!

#5 Delicious chocolate

I kid you not, chocolate is a reason to live, and Belgium is full of it! At home, we fawn over Belgian/Swiss/Peruvian/[insert faraway country name here] chocolate, but in Belgium, most of the chocolate is Belgian! Their chocolate is just a beautiful way to replenish all the calories you just shed by walking around.

#6 Cheap but still amazing hotels

In Brussels, I stayed in a clean, reputable, nice hotel that went for under 70 euros a night, which is pretty good for a hotel close to the epicentre of the city. Good hotels in Belgium are everywhere, if you know how to find them!

#7 Because acts of terrorism are incredibly rare

My stance on acts of terrorism is this: Terrorism is rare, but it is always going to be a risk. In a global context, Belgium is one of the safest countries there is. I think that it’s important to be aware of risk, but also to understand that disproportionate fear should not impact how we live our lives.

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  1. Thank you for this nice and true article about Belgium (Brussels)…
    There are many other reasons to travel to Belgium, because there are much more beautiful cities than Brussels 🙂
    I live here and I can tell you that Belgium is a good country to live in (except for the weather, unfortunately)

  2. I have always wanted to go see Belgium but recently my fam has been leery of the location because of terrorism. Will send this to them… see what they say then!

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  4. Love Belgium especially Bruges! These are some fantastic photos, I really the love the architecture

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