Because it is now summer break and I can do things that don’t involve school, my friend and I met up downtown to wander around. Wandering is always a good idea.
We started at 10:30, with brunch at a location called Eggspectation. It’s a cute diner located right behind Old City Hall. The food is average but they do give you a lot of it for the money you pay. The service is great and the location is pretty nice.
After eating brunch, we wandered through Eaton. If you drop by Toronto, the Eaton Centre is a nice place to take a stroll but not to actually shop. It tends to be overpriced, even during the huge savings season that happens this time of year.
Heading west along Dundas, we saw a lot of major TO landmarks from a distance. The AGO is on the south side, there are restaurants on the north side, and we could see down the streets to the CN Tower, partially obscured by fog. We also wandered the southern part of Spadina, through Chinatown and the large dividers of green space down the middle of the street. Then, we went down into PATH, one of the nicest parts of underground TO. It was raining so we went mostly through PATH where we visited my two favourite places down there, Indigo and Papyrus, and from there, headed to Union Station.

Happy travelling!


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  1. I loved Toronto when I went for New Years. I hate that I didn’t get to explore the underground as thoroughly as I wanted to but I plan on going back in July!

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