There are so many beautiful places in the world that I just can’t see all of them in this lifetime. There are a few places that I will absolutely try to go to, though.

Yellowknife, NW Territories, Canada
I would love to go here to see the northern lights. The area has prime conditions for viewing, plus there’s a bunch of aurora infrastructure.

Machu Picchu, Peru
It’s a clichéd tourist spot, but for good reason. The mountains and historical ruins are beautiful. Plus, I’ve always wanted to travel to Peru.

The Serengeti, Africa
This area is famed not for the landscape, but for the great migration of wildebeests that happens annually.

Tibet, China
Right now, Tibet is part of China, so even though I support Tibetan independence, I’m going to refer to it as part of China. The beauty of the Tibetan landscape and Tibetan culture is incredibly moving for me, even through just pictures. I’d like to go there after graduating.

Rio, Brazil
There’s just something breathtakingly beautiful about South America for me. Maybe it’s the culture and the everyday life. Maybe it’s the massive Jesus standing on top of a hill.

San Francisco, USA
I’ve never been, and it sounds like a great city. Plus, the Golden Gate looks like a pretty great bridge. Although it’s disappointingly not gold.

Agra, India
Okay, what I really want to see here is the Taj Mahal. However, I don’t think I’ll be able to within the next five years, and after that, it’s likely that the interior will close to tourism because of man-made erosion.

Cape Town, South Africa
I really want to explore Cape Town properly. I never took the time to stroll through the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, nor did I get to go up Table Mountain.

Provence, France
All I really want to do there is spend a long lazy summer in the lavender fields.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
To be honest, Saigon is a much nicer and romantic name for the city. Though Vietnam was severely damaged in the Vietnam War (blame those Americans and their Agent Orange), the country has managed to reemerge spectacularly.

Alexandria, Egypt
Though it may not be the grand centre of learning and culture as it was back in ancient times, it would still be nice to see how it progressed from that image to what it is today. Plus, visiting a library that stands where one of the best libraries in the world once stood sounds incredible.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Finally, what I want to do is to properly wander through my own city. I’m around here so often that I forget to want to see all the things I’ve never seen. I’ve never gone to the Ripley’s Aquarium, or wandered through the Distillery District or Brickworks, or seen a ballet at Four Seasons Theatre. I want to be a tourist in my own city.

Happy travelling!

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