Forget the panic and scramble that comes when you’re packing your carry-on. Here are the 11 essentials that you must bring.

1. Passport, boarding pass and plane ticket, and travel documentation. Obviously essential.
2. Gum. You know that sour taste in your mouth after you eat and then take a nap? Also, gum helps ear popping during the ascent and descent.
3. Water bottle. It may not have water in it after security, but it’s a good idea to bring one so that you can fill up afterwards, just in case you end up waiting in a place where there is no water for a while.
4. A good book, for the stretches of time when you can’t use electronics.
5. Hand sanitizer. Airplanes are basically flying germ capsules.
6. Lip balm, lotion, and eye drops. After hours at high altitudes, you will be dehydrated and your lips, skin, and eyes will feel it the most.
7. Hairbrush. Airplane hair is the worst.
8. A sweater, because planes tend to get excessively cold.
9. A pen, for all of those forms that you have to fill out.
10. Tissues, for the messes.
11. Ear plugs, eye mask, and neck pillow. Because you need to make an effort to sleep on the airplane, even though it’s always futile.

Happy travelling!


Featured image sourced from ABC News

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