Overall: 7/10 Good
A pretty great hotel in Brussels. Well situated, well priced, and attractive, but lacking in speed of service.
Location: 8/10
This hotel is not located in the centre of it all, but it’s pretty close. Down the street are the Brussels Park and Royal Palace. It’s pretty close to a metro station and bus station, and a bit farther from the train station. The area around the hotel is safe, well lit, and quiet at night, not to mention beautiful.
Customer Service: 6/10
The staff are polite but the wait times are insane. Checking in can take a half hour lined up, and so can checking out.
Amenities: 6/10
Beware that breakfast is not included in the room price, and that the lines and seating at breakfast are insane too! There’s not much else at the hotel but there’s a very nice courtyard outside. They have free wifi, which is really nice since most other hotels in Europe don’t.
Interior: 8/10
The interior of the hotel is very clean and new. The rooms are well lit, attractive, and clean, though a bit small.
Price: 7/10
You can expect a pretty reasonable price for a room, especially if you compare multiple websites. It’s not what you might consider cheap, but compared to all of the other hotels in Brussels, it’s a pretty good deal.

Happy travelling!


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