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Overall: 6/10 Good
The Hyatt is a nice and mostly convenient place to stay in Columbus, if not a bit desolate.
Location: 6/10
The hotel is in a very convenient location, in downtown Columbus. I particularly found it extremely well placed as I was fencing in the Greater Columbus Convention Centre, which is right beside the hotel, and accessible through a hallway connecting the two. However, the hotel is in a somewhat desolate area. There are restaurants a few blocks away but nothing really nice right beside the hotel. There seemed to be nothing of interest around the hotel. Then again, Columbus is a pretty desolate city.
Customer Service: N/A
I can’t say much about customer service since I didn’t really pay attention to it.
Amenities: 5/10
The Hyatt offers all of the generic amenities that we expect of our hotels now: room service, a gym, etc. However, parking is a mess. It’s located a distance from the hotel, and it takes twenty minutes for somebody to get the car and drive back to the lobby to load your luggage.
Interior: 7/10
The interior of the hotel is very nice and grand and clean. The rooms are well maintained and the bedding is extremely comfortable. It’s a shame that the view is not incredibly nice; we got a room with a view over a barren field of railway tracks, but I guess it really depends on what room you’re in.
Price: 6/10
We were able to get a reasonably good price for a room there.

Happy travelling!

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